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CREATIVELIVE our favorite learning platform

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

CREATIVELIVE - This is clearly our favorite learning platform, read more :

CreativeLive classes are broadcast live from four in-house production studios. A key aspect of CreativeLive's approach to online learning is interaction via online classroom, which is facilitated by a studio audience that also appears on camera.

The in-studio students, usually ranging from three to 15 people, ask questions of the instructor during the class and act as a proxy for the viewers at home. CreativeLive broadcasts 24/7 across five channels: Photo & Video, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Maker & Craft, and Business & Money.

Commenting on what inspired this type of user experience, CEO Chase Jarvis said, "Overall the education industry is the world's largest industry that has yet to see real disruption and meaningful innovation. It's ripe for change and what we're seeing (and doing at creativeLIVE and elsewhere on the web) is just the beginning."

CreativeLive uses a freemium pricing model: All classes are free to stream while they are live and can be purchased to watch at a later date. The classes are hosted by a team of on air hosts from both CreativeLive's Seattle and San Francisco studios, with hosts including John Kennedy O'Connor, Kenna Klosterman and Russ Andes.

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