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Modern learning: how to avoid internet distractions during class and online , part 1

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

How to eliminate distractions while learning and never lose your concentration again ?

You've made up your mind. You sit at your desk. You get your learning materials out, means full concentration now, and suddenly it's gone.

That's how fast it can go. And that's how fast it goes - not only sometimes, but usually. Many students let themselves be distracted while learning. Focusing on the subject matter is only enough for a few minutes - if at all. The distractions and interference from outside (and inside) are simply too great.

If you also have difficulty concentrating on one thing for a longer period of time without constantly digressing and losing the thread, you have a bad hand in studying. What you need is a tool against it. Or directly several.

Your seven tools against distraction, part 1 in this post :

No one is safe from distractions. But some students are much smarter at learning and less distracted than the rest. So that you can maintain your concentration longer in the future and get through your learning sessions more focused, I have seven simple tips for you that you can implement today, My wish for you - full concentration ahead!

1. Digital partitioning

WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. are at the top of the student productivity killer rankings. The Internet has endless distractions in store for you, just waiting for you to interrupt your session to check out the latest news or stalk your friends.

The easiest and most effective way to avoid these online sources of disturbance is a short but consistent digital isolation. Give yourself a smartphone or browser ban for the duration of your session, or use apps that block your online services for a short period of time so they don't block you.

To-do: Put yourself on a digital diet and avoid online applications as you learn!

tomorrow i will show you another tool against distraction , part 2

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